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The Somewhat Litvshe Yid

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A quick story...

We go to my Rav for Shalosh Seudos every week. It's something we've been doing for a while and the whole family really enjoys it. Anyway, we sat down and before we started his wife remebers that she needed to say some T'hilim for something and shkiya was approaching and that the family would split it up. So she goes through the list of which kapitilach needed to be said and my Rav started handing them out the kids. There was a moment of argument over who would say what since no one wanted to have to say too much. And my Rav, without a sefer T'hilim in front of him stopped the discussion and went through the list of 10-15 prakim and said how many psukim each one had and split it up so everyone had more or less the same amount.


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