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The Somewhat Litvshe Yid

Monday, November 14, 2005

Gone daddy gone...the blog is gone.

Well, as everyone knows, the Godol HaDor has left the building. So a call went out amongst his loyal (and not so loyal) chassidim, to make a fitting tribute. We wanted to be able to show that even in this time of hester ponim we still blog with emunah p'shuta. So the following his been created...this limited edition, digitally mastered teudas kashrus, signed by Ateres Rosheinu, Tiferes Blogeynu: The Godol. You too can have this simple reminder on your blog, to prove that your dayos are not(too) krum. So, pick it up now, and show the world that you're blog is tachas hashgachas BaDaTz HaGadol.

With thanks to Jameel for beta testing.


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