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The Somewhat Litvshe Yid

Friday, July 08, 2005

So, I bought all these new s’forim, I should actually learn from them, shouldn’t I. So, on that note, I will share with you all something from HaGaon R’ Tzvi Pesach Frank’s Har Tzvi.

P’sachim 46a on the Mishna – כיצד מפרישין חלה בטומאה
R’ Frank brings a question that was raised by HGRAY Kook. He asks, why not just separate out the chalah, declare it as such and work with it so it will not become chometz (ואי משום חמץ יתעסק בה). R’ Frank answered just as it would be forbidden to bake it on Yom Tov without need (see Tosfos ד"ה לא תקרא לה שם for all the reasons why it is assur) so too it would be forbidden to knead the dough, being that kneading (לש) is also an Av Melacha. R’ Kook answered that there is no kneading after kneading (אין לישה אחר לישה) and therefore the working of the dough would not be considered kneading to make it forbidden. R’ Frank disagrees, stating that the kneading, since it would further improve the dough there would be לישה אחר לישה. Though, it needs further clarification if this is the case, whether or not the דין of לישה is fulfilled with the mixing of the flour and water (גיבול).
He goes on to clarify some points of גיבול and לישה, and the original question remains.

I discussed the question with my Rav the other day when I was driving him to Yeshiva. He frowned, shrugged and said, what’s the question? Chalah that has become ritually impure (טמא) is מוקצה on Yom Tov. Though he said the answer was too easy and he was surprised that neither of the Gaonim involved mentioned it, and that he would have to look over the sugiya since he was sure he was missing something.

That I should be zocheh to such humility.


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