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The Somewhat Litvshe Yid

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Book 'em Dano.

Well, it's Book Week here in Israel. So I went and got some books. Here's the list of my שלל רב:

Even HaEzel - R' Isser Zalman Meltzer
Har Tzvi - R' Tzvi Pesach Frank (Chiddushim, not Shut)
Chidushei HaRav Zelig Reuven Bengis
Cheshbona Shel Mitzvah - The Aderet (R' Eliyah David Rabinowitz Teumim) on the Sefer HaChinuch
(yes...it was Yerushalmi geonim week...)

I also picked up R' Moshe Tzuriel's latest -
Otzeros HaMussar and Niflaim Ma'asecha.

I have a lot of learning to do...


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